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About Computer Solutions


Computer Solutions have been locally owned and operated on the Central Coast of California for the past 25 years. Our factory trained staff have been active in the community not only servicing our clients but also doing community service . We believe that participation in the community is vital to a successful business.


 What we Do


Hosted Server Solutions


In today’s world, most businesses need more than simply Web space in order to stay ahead of the competition. Between automation, e-mail, database, and Web applications, you need a full-scale, state-of-the-art server. Unfortunately, full-time IT support, hardware, software, and bandwidth can be too expensive for most businesses. We will host and maintain a server for you in our secure local facility and provide setup and operational services with state-of-the-art equipment.


Back-up Solutions


Computer Solutions knows that Your data is critical to your operation. Any loss of data could result in downtime for your business, not to mention what that downtime might cost. With our optional backup services, if its a workstation or a laptop, we have  a program that will not only backup all your data everyday but also do the updates and program patching that is so important to your work. all data on your managed server is backed up every fifteen minutes on our high-capacity online backup server through our partner, N-able. this service will also enable to quickly connect to your equipment when you are having an issue on need hands on help from a professional.


Quick local repair Solutions


We have a local “brick and mortar” facility wherein we do electronic repair services to all types and models of computer equipment at reasonable prices. Feel free to drop off whatever you may have that needs servicing and we are available every day. For weekends, please call first.

742 Arctic Ave, Suite B
Santa Maria, CA 93454

(805) 934-3456